One 18K White Gold Ring, stamped 750

9,630.00 AED

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18KWG-10.73 GMS
Weighing in total 10.85 g , containing Twenty Eight (28) Natural Diamonds
Total Estimated Weight : 0.11 Carat and One (1) Colored Stone
RD-28/0.11 CTS
BON*-1/0.47 CTS

One 18K White Gold Ring, stamped 750

9,630.00 AED

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Product Description

Our 18K White Gold Ring encases you in this otherworldly opulence for that single someone of discriminating taste. This spectacular stamped 750 ring epitomizes refined elegance, superiorly crafted for those who know about that great feeling it brings from the finer things in life.

The weight of the ring is 10.85 grams, so this expresses perfectly both durability and elegance combined in one. Twenty-eight natural diamonds are set in this ring, and it will never lose its shine with time. In it, diamonds shine brightly from all sides. These diamonds are estimated to weigh a total of 0.11 carats and have a setting to show a marvelous play of light.

Beautifully modeled with a hint of something special, the ring closes with one premium colored stone weighing 0.47 carats. This brilliant stone will definitely be the focal point of the ring in all special occasions or everyday extravagance.

Designed for size 20, this ring is made to perfection in cutting to offer a fit that will ensure comfort and show off its style. This piece is like no other, with every tiny detail and each millimeter of shine taken close to invaluable—a part of your collection, truly a symbol of chic.

Take your jewelry collection to the next level with this fabulous 18K White Gold Ring. Hit “Add to Cart” now and make this piece of love your own. Experience the magic of real luxury and let your own elegance shine.

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