One 18K White Gold Pendant, stamped 750 with 72 Rubies

23,540.00 AED

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18KWG-13.44 GMS weighing in total 14.03g , containing Seventy Two (72) Rubies
total Estimated Weight : 0.90 Carat and One Hundred Eighty Nine (189)
Natural Diamonds total Estimated Weight : 1.98 Carat
BD-73/0.729 CTS
R*-72/0.92 CTS
RD-116/1.283 CTS

One 18K White Gold Pendant, stamped 750 with 72 Rubies

23,540.00 AED

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Product Description

This is a remarkably stunning pendant made of 18K White Gold that will add grace to your attire for sophistication collectors. This exquisite pendant bears the number 750 on it which is a mark that denotes the high quality of the jewelry piece This sparkling pendant has been masterfully crafted to combine natural diamonds, an essential element that adds beauty, with quality ruby gemstone, a luxurious stone.

The pendant features 18KWG-13. 44 GMS, each of which weighting 0. 14 units. 03g, you should help to achieve a significant and veined-ever feel. Surmounted by seventy-two (72) rubies; the total given weight of the whole garnish is approximately 0. 90 carats, which contributes to a luxurious bubble gum hue that is mesmerizing. Sitting alongside the rubies, the pendant has 189 natural diamonds adorning the necklace; the diamonds are mounted to bring out the best of the stones. They both together are of an estimate weight of 1 diamond. Of gemstones, it boasts 98 carats, giving a flashy look, which encapsulates its luxurious feel.

Key Features:

18KWG-13. Commercial markets totaling 44 GMS with a total weight of 14. 03g
Seventy-Two (72) Rubies, total estimated weight: Therefore a difference of minus 0 is made in the Account No. 90 carat
One Hundred Eighty-Nine (189) Natural Diamonds, total estimated weight: 1 Although it also presents a comprehensive classification of publications depending on their type, this table has been prepared in order to provide a clearer picture of the collected data most relevant for the analysis of the role of international stakeholders in the field of higher education. 98 carat
BD-73/0. 729 CTS, R-72/0. 92 CTS*, RD-116/1. 283 CTS

Boast in the elegance and elaborate detail of this superb piece that blends elegance and quality like no other. For those who are lovers of an aristocratic style or just people with a high social status this pendant is not just the piece of jewelry, it is the symbol of status.

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