One 18K Rose Gold Pendant with Enamelling Work Done, Partly Rhodium Plated, stamped 750

32,100.00 AED

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18KRG-29.85 GMS
weighing in total 25.38 g , containing Eight Hundred Seventeen (817) Natural Diamonds
total Estimated Weight : 6.17 Carats
BD-81/0.746 CTS
BRND-450/4.004 CTS
RD-286/1.425 CTS

One 18K Rose Gold Pendant with Enamelling Work Done, Partly Rhodium Plated, stamped 750

32,100.00 AED

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Product Description

Get ready to be pampered with the genuine 18K Rose Gold Pendant exuding elegance for those who know value of good things. This masterpiece makes a grand total of 25 troy ounces in its total weight and makes for a luxurious show piece. The 38-gram level, perfectly controls sophistication and the expressions of elegance makes the piece exquisite equipment for any wise fashionable jewel collection.

The pendant is well done in enamelling work with rose gold accent where part of the surface is partly rhodium plated which creates a sensational and sultry appeal. Carrying an emblem of 750 standard, this is work of art that is crafted with the finest skills and great precision.

A masterpiece of jewel art the birthstone pendant weighs half a kilogram is ostentatiously embellished with 817 natural diamonds with a total weight of 6. 17 carats. The diamonds are meticulously arranged as follows:The diamonds are meticulously arranged as follows:

BD: 81 carats of diamonds in total There are a number of diamonds, ranging in number up to eighty-one and the total weight of which is eighty-one carats. 746 carats
BRND: 450 carats of blue-white diamonds in total. 004 carats
RD: 286 brilliant cuts amounting to 1. 425 carats
This piece has a length measurement of 45 cm and it elegantly goes round the neck making sure that all the angles do get a glimpse of the pendant.

This breathtaking pendant is just what you need to enhance your jewelry essentials. Ideal for a special event or simply making a fashion statement such a watch epitomates richness and elegance. This beautiful piece of art should not go unnoticed and definitely should not be missed out by any lover of art.

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