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18KYG-13.13 GMS
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20,330.00 AED

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Product Description

Embrace the classic and sophisticated style of our Diamond Pendant; designed to appeal to the frenzy of luxurious shopper in UAE. Made from 18K yellow gold, this is a well crafted piece of jewellery with this pendant standing at 13 grams. 13 grams of gold to have the flexibility of translating chic appearance into durability while at the same time maintaining the elegance created by the metal.

Embedded in the core of this creation, there is the estimable quantity of 359 round-cut diamonds. 605 carats. Each of them is chosen in order to be the best and shine with brilliance accompanied with the most important clarity for the demonstration of the light. To this effect, it is complemented by 155 yellow sapphires, which give it a touch of colour and classes, and they collectively weigh. 695 carats. These gemstones in conjunction form the most beautiful and brightly shining ensemble of this pendant; thus it can be named as the declaring piece.

Whether used in an elegant dress event or as a piece that is worn daily to work, this pendant has the glamour and versatility that can be admired. Due to the sophisticated design and workmanship, it remains a stylish and classic piece of furniture that is modern and timeless.

This theatre is often an elegant play of fine jewelry, timeless and classy, besitated to adorn the fast fashion-conscious UAE elite. Step up your look with a touch of the high end class and glamour. Hurry up and place the Diamond Pendant of our store in your cart and be ready to indulge in the luxurious world.

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