One 18K Yellow Gold Pendant, stamped 750, 112 Colored Stones, 641 Natural Diamonds

29,960.00 AED

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18KYG-24.03 GMS
weighing in total 24.96 g , cantaining Six Hundred Forty One (641) Natural Diamonds
total Estimated Weight : 3.91 Carats and One Hundred Twelve (112) Colored Stones
BRND-59/0.37 CTS
R*-82/0.616 CTS
RD-582/3.54 CTS
TSR*-30/0.117 CTS

One 18K Yellow Gold Pendant, stamped 750, 112 Colored Stones, 641 Natural Diamonds

29,960.00 AED

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Product Description

This one is definitely not for the masses – made in 18K yellow gold, this piece is truly an exclusive work of art to be admired. Crafted with tremendous care and elaborate detail, this pendant bears the royal mark 750 signifying value and fine quality.


  • Material: Gmt spine 18k yellow gold 24. 03 grams
  • Total Weight: 24. 96 grams
  • Natural Diamonds: A total of 641 works were identified for potential disposal or repurposing, with an estimated combined weight of
  • Approximately 3. 91 carats
  • Colored Stones: 112 pieces
  • BRND: 59 stones, 0. 37 carats
  • R:* 82 stones, 0. 616 carats
  • RD: 582 stones, 3. 54 carats
  • TSR:* 30 stones, 0. 117 carats

As for this pendant, I can state that it looks very elegant indeed due to the elaborate work on it and, of course, due to the brilliant shine that can be observed on the item. The 641 Natural Diamonds make it shimmer and shine in a special way by capturing the light from all directions to give it a uniqueness it possesses. The 112 stones of color uphold a comparative luminosity that compounds the complexions of the jewelry and brings a dash of hyper-elegant hue into the combination.

Ideally suited for use during occasions like weddings, birthdays, and other ceremonies or as an accessory to the apparel of people who would like to make that special statement, this pendant is meant for the best. This only contributes to the luxury and quality of the piece, cementing its place as a necessity in any collection of fine jewellery.

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