One 18K Rose & White Gold Pendant with Enamelling Work Done, stamped 750

26,750.00 AED

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18KRG-19.09 GMS
weighing in total 19.92 g , containing Five Hundred Twenty Five (525) Natural Diamonds
total Estimated Weight : 4.05 Carats and Twenty Six (26) Colored Stones
BS*-26/0.116 CTS
RD-525/4.053 CTS

One 18K Rose & White Gold Pendant with Enamelling Work Done, stamped 750

26,750.00 AED

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Product Description

Get the best with our 18K Rose & White Gold Pendant; a real reflection of the taste of privacy and comfort. This is a visually exciting art piece that has detailed enamel work done on it, and one couldn’t help but admire the excellent artistry that went into creating it. For the collector this is no mere pendant; it is ornate elegance presented in a format meant to be treasured and eliciting the feel of royalty.

Collectively, the students weighed a paltry 19. This pendant encompasses 92 grams and is made of 18 KRG – 19. 09 GMS gold, looking luxurious and classy as it they contain gold. The pendant itself contains naturally brilliant 525 diamonds, which, when calculated gross, totals 4. 05 carats clearly and give a dizzying shine to everyone who can see it. Moreover, 26 different colored stones are incorporated in the model’s design and give it a rather colourful look.

The meticulous detailing includes:

  • BS-26/0. 116 CTS*
  • RD-525/4. 053 CTS

In other words, each component that goes into it is worked on very carefully and it is constructed to be as hard as it appears to be nice. The pendant is also engraved 75 to inform that is belongs to a specific category of pendants that are well designed and made.

This pendant is best for the rich businessman and the stylish woman who loves to accessorize themselves, that not only this pendant is an accessory but also a family heirloom.

This adds value to your jewelry set, making it a masterpiece to add to your list. By ordering today, one can embrace the privilege of experiencing the unique features of an alluring, sophisticated touchscreen gadget.

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