The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Luxury Watch

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Luxury Watch

For the majority of people, buying a high-end watch is the supreme expression. It represents a considerable financial investment of time and worth in design, function and quality. In return, you get an extraordinary item designed to offer you a lifetime of satisfaction and then some. It’s a major life decision.

That’s why we’ve created our supreme guide to purchasing a high-end watch. We cover everything from what to consider prior to you even get in the store to how to care for your brand-new high-end watch so it can be far to future generations.

Why you must purchase one
For men, it is among the few socially appropriate accessories, however likewise the most obvious expression of their persona. For women, it is part of their jewellery or fashion ensemble, which needs similarly thought about co-ordination, and no less an expression of their personality. Some pick to use a high-end watch just due to the fact that they like the way it looks– undoubtedly many examples can be considered as art. Others get excited about the engineering of complicated inner-mechanics. Here are a number of reasons that owning a high-end watch makes great sense.


A luxury watch is crafted by proficient artisans using greater grade materials, and subjected to a wide range of quality assurance tests. The intrinsic value in this equates into a number of advantages. The first being reputable precision and quality of the build. In the class of mechanical (and quartz), luxury watches are much better made and more properly regulated. In general, they will stand up to use much better and provide better security from damage over something cheaper.


Appropriately cared for, a high-end watch will last for several decades (or longer). Have a look at any of the major watch auctions (Phillips, Christie’s, etc.) and you will find prepared evidence of this. Used regularly over years or years, a watch ends up being totally related to its owner. A high-end watch’s ability to stand the test of time means it can be passed down to future generations. It can serve as a meaningful heirloom, rite of passage or lasting keepsake.

Convey the best message

A watch is with you (or nearby) all of the time; more so than even your phone. It’s something you will likely use and take a look at every day. Picking a wristwatch of quality conveys a sense of self-respect. That message frequently carries forward into how others view you. The watch one uses can tell a lot about an individual. A luxury watch can communicate private taste, visual appeal, a subtle display of wealth, and gown rules.

Look the part

In a lot of scenarios, looking the part can prove all-important. High-end watches are extensively appreciated and fast to be seen by others that value the finer information. (Especially when paired with trendy clothes.) As a result, they can serve as excellent discussion ‘openers’. A high-end watch communicates gratitude for the finer things in life. By owning one, you can draw in the ideal type of attention from likeminded people.

What to do prior to you head to the store
Now that you’ve decided you want to purchase a luxury watch, there are a few things you must do prior to you enter into a Watches of Switzerland Boutique. These won’t take long however they will help ensure you’re buying experience is as seamless and as satisfying as possible.

Decide your budget

Know just how much you’re prepared to spend and what you wish to get for your money. Do you desire a more prestigious brand or a watch with more complications? Do some research online initially and see what choices are available within your price variety.

Think about where you’re going to use your new high-end watch

Is this your very first watch or your third? Will you be wearing it every day or are you buying it for a particular purpose or special event? Aside from informing the time, different high-end watches are created for various usages. And, broadly speaking, a gown protocol exists decreeing which style is appropriate in particular settings. Do some research to comprehend the different genres and complications offered. At this phase, it likewise pays to take into consideration how each of the motion types will act in relation to your desired usage.

For instance, a world time function can be beneficial for one who travels or does business in several countries. A formal event calls for a downplayed dress watch. Particular styles offer more security against wear and damage. As well as higher degrees of water, destructive or magnetic resistance. (Generally, these fall under the tool watch categories.) Also, think of what size watch will deal with your wrist, and the kind of strap you’ll desire. Leather, rubber, fabric or a metal bracelet (each included their own characteristics).

Mechanical calibres protecting standard clockwork innovation carry more influence amongst watch connoisseurs. However, battery-powered quartz motions have their benefits. In general, manual-winding types need to be wound every day; whereas automatics, if used actively every day, might require to be would much less often (short of investing in a watch winder). Otherwise, they will stop and require winding and resetting to start again. Quartz does not have the kudos of mechanical but needs no input from the wearer. Thus, it doesn’t include the hassle of having to reset the time (till the battery needs changing).

Questions to ask
As soon as you’ve chosen the above, it’s time to head in-store. You can visit us at any one of our Boutiques in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth. There are friendly and expert personnel will have the ability to answer any and all concerns you may have. Here’s a couple of recommendations from us to get you started.

Understand where you can wear it

This mainly concerns the watch’s water resistance. (But might also connect to magnetic resistance depending on the type of machinery you workaround.) A 30m ranking means the watch can push back rain or small splashes around the sink. But to take it in the pool, snorkelling, SCUBA or deepsea diving needs substantially higher levels of resistance. Remember, the stated water resistance only associates with the case, so if intended for swimming or diving, make certain the bracelet or rubber strap is likewise ideal.

Understand how to set and use the complications

There’s absolutely nothing worse than buying a complicated watch and not knowing how to use it. For example, should you wind the watch before changing the settings, or how do you correct the yearly calendar or check out a chronograph properly? Depending upon the problem, there might be certain times of the day when modifications must not be made due to the fact that the mechanism is engaged. Our experts can assist you with this sort of crucial information and can help you avoid destructive your new luxury watch. For mechanical watches, find out the length of power reserve so you know how often you require to wind or use the watch. And don’t forget to inquire about the dangers of over-winding.

The length of time is the guarantee and what does it cover?

Just about all trustworthy brand names offer some sort of warranty however there are different conditions and periods. The industry requirement is typically governed by EU law which requires a minimum service warranty duration of 2 years. Rolex has been providing a 5-year service warranty because in 2015.

What is the after-sales procedure?

For repairs and services, find out what will be needed on your part. Generally, this will simply indicate bringing the luxury watch back to the shop. (If you pick to buy while overseas, be clear on what your alternatives are.) Servicing and repair work can normally be done on the website, however, in some cases, the watch may require to be returned to the maker.

Why buying from an authorised dealership is constantly the very best choice
Watches of Switzerland is proud to be an official merchant for all the brands we offer in our stores. There are a number of advantages to purchasing from an official seller. We’ve noted a few below for you to remember.

Authenticity and buyer defense

To start with, you’re guaranteed authenticity of the item (with accompanying documents etc.). It likewise guarantees you receive any readily available guarantee and that the terms will be honoured. The amateur buyer might also overlook the future maintenance aspect of owning a luxury watch.

After-sale services

As the main retailer, we have direct links with the brand names. This assists in organising repairs, services, buying parts and guaranteeing service warranty claims run efficiently. With numerous brick-and-mortar shop areas to pick from, resolving problems can be as easy as dropping the watch off to us and waiting on a call.

How to care for your high-end watch
Now that you’ve picked and paid for your brand-new luxury watch, it’s time to take it home. Naturally, you wish to keep it looking brand-new and shiny for as long as possible, so here are a few tips on how to look after it in the years to come.

Bear in mind water, heat and magnets

Know your luxury watch’s restrictions. Subjecting it to much deeper water or higher pressures (from high-board diving or water sports) than what it’s designed for may show excessive. Understand that in time the water-resistance of a watch decreases as gaskets weaken. (More so if you’re repeatedly subjecting it to water and heat). Heat, knocks or sudden changes in temperature can damage moving parts. Prevent sources of heat in general and hot water situations such as a hot bath or the sauna. (Steam can infiltrate where cold water can’t). Close contact with magnetic fields can negatively affect the precision of your high-end watch, so try to avoid magnets where possible. (Unless anti-magnetic security is included, magnetism can cause a motion to get or lose time or stop altogether).

Keep it clean

Occasionally clean your high-end watch to get rid of dirt and dust. And especially after using it in saltwater or the pool, clean it under fresh tap water and rotate the bezel to avoid rust of metal parts. Use a soft moist fabric, a soft toothbrush and a cotton bud to get into hard-to-reach places– such as between the links of a metal bracelet. (If the strap is leather, avoid getting it wet since it can weaken the product). Also, avoid chemicals– cleansing products and perfume do not blend well with your luxury watch.

Keep it running

Mechanical movements need to be kept ticking over on a fairly routine basis. Otherwise moving parts can take up as oil dries. Wind your manual-winding luxury watch regularly. But don’t overwind it– stop when you feel the resistance in the crown. Automatics can’t be overwound however still need occasional winding, depending on your activity. And if you decide to use a watch winder, prevent over-winding the motion. (Each automated has an optimum variety of revolutions– referred to as turns each day (TPD)).

Have it serviced

It’s advised to have your luxury watch expertly serviced every three to five years. Movement parts need to be cleaned up, lubricants reapplied, and water resistance seals replaced. Make certain the case is expertly resealed and pressure-tested to ensure it is watertight. Unless you’re a knowledgeable watchmaker, do not attempt to open or play with your luxury watch.

Buying Your Watch
GMT Watches & Jewellery is here to help you with every stage of buying and owning a luxury watch. Our friendly and professional personnel throughout our stores in Dubai are ready and waiting to address all your concerns.

Visit us today and find your very first (or your next) high-end watch.